1 Daniel Knorr
1 Year Warranty | 1 Jahr Garantie
A Mother-Label made of enamel was mounted on the Skulpturenpark Berlin Zentrum building in the Kommandantenstrasse 22. The label was stolen in 2008. It announced the name of the artist and the work’s title, 1 Year Warranty | 1 Jahr Garantie. The label was mounted at 1.20 m above the ground referring to the standard installing mode in most galleries. The same sign was stenciled at the same height in public spaces throughout Berlin. These labels are called Satelite-Labels. The sign provides 1 year of warranty for the public space, each time the label is perceived. This seal of approval has no inscription of date, making the warranty extendable for the future. The privatization and the invasion into urban and public spaces is materialized in the work and the streets, using a gesture similar to graffiti. Location: Walls of houses, Oranienplatz, 10967 Berlin
2 Marc Bijl
Silver `n Gold
Abstract Public Sculpture. Location: Lamp post, Corner of Wassertorstrasse and Bergfriedstrasse, 10967 Berlin
3 Franz Stauffenberg
In God We Trust III
Real-life dialogue between investment bankers, fragments of a screenplay pasted onto wastebaskets. „We‘ve got to talk. I‘m not saying you are doing it, but there are a lot of footprints here.“ daily 12 pm till 12 am, Location: various wastebaskets in the park east of Prinzenstrasse (enter from Prinzenstrasse corner of Gitschinerstrasse and follow the path), 10999 Berlin
4 James Krone
A temporary badminton net constructed from the belts from the whores of Babylon. Aimless leisure.The longevity of this station is fully dependent upon the tolerance of strangers. Vandalism is to be uninvited yet tolerated. daily 12 pm till 6 pm, Location: Landwehrkanal, opposite of Urban Hospital
5 April Lamm
This Is a Single Sock
“This is a single sock (Ecce Socculus Singulus)” points out a place that should be significant and possibly is. daily 12 pm till 12 am, Location: the Japanese oasis in the backyard of Fraenkelüfer 44 – 38B, 10999 Berlin
6 Mauro Bonacina / Polina Stroganova
Berlin.Germany.10.06.2010.10.08 am Bought Flowers put on wall Spraypainted. Put up in Public Space. Location: Lamp post, Admiralstrasse 17, 10999 Berlin
7 John Kørner
Alles zusammen inklusive 100 Probleme
Problem: A societal definition of a problem is usually a negative phenomenon. I consider the definition as a constructive process. A societal problem is an entrance, an operation, an energy into the constructive. The definition of a problem is interesting because it points into the future, because we are always looking for solutions to problems. The future process is the constructive thing about problems – and hence a huge potential. Location: Green in front of Urban Hospital
8 Gregor Hildebrandt
Es schläft ein Lied in all den Dingen
Recorded audiocassette tape in bush. Location: Bush left of Bench, Urbahnhafen, in front of Vivantes Hospital, Riverside
9 Elisa Vournasu
Voyeurism, affection, and Pin Up phantasies in leisure time are eventually unavoidable. The expected procedure, effect and results of a meditative radio play develop into the moderator’s individual experience that carries the listener tenderly into his fancifulness imagination. Sound Play, 7.28 min. Mon - Sun 11 am till 8 pm, Location: Sound Play, Tree in Park, close to boats / riverside, Urbahnhafen
10 Julieta Aranda
Elmo, Gum, Heather, Holly, Mistletoe & Rowan
The infinite monkey theorem states that, given enough time, a hypothetical chimpanzee typing at random would, as part of its output, almost surely produce any given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare. In this context, almost surely is a mathematical term with a precise meaning, and the monkey is not an actual monkey, but a metaphor for an abstract device that produces a random sequence of letters ad infinitum. The theorem illustrates the perils of reasoning about infinity by imagining a vast but finite number, and vice versa. Location: Tree behind Fence opposite of Nr 65 of Dieffenbachstrasse (former Urban Hospital Psychiatry) 10967 Berlin
11 Tjorg Douglas Beer
Three Monkees
Soldiers on Acid. Sitting on brenches. Singing songs. Location: Location: Tree behind Fence opposite of Nr 65 of Dieffenbachstrasse (former Urban Hospital Psychiatry) 10967 Berlin
12 Terence Koh
Deer Diary
Every week a new diary, a short story, a moment. (all diaries: Location: Tree opposite of City-Sex-Shop, Urban Straße 119 , 12051 Berlin
13 Christian Jankowski
Die Jagd / The Hunt
For a week, Jankowski lives off goods he hunts down in the supermarket. Archaically armed with bow and arrow, yet nobly pushing his trolley, he shoots down deep-frozen chickens, margarine, bathroom tissue, and all the other things he needs. Unimpressed, the checkout clerk scans the trophies of the bargain hunt, which still have the arrows sticking out of them. daily 12 pm till 8 pm, Location: Steh Cafe Schönlein Bäckerei, (Schönlein-Getränke), Schönleinstrasse 12, 10967 Berlin
14 Thomas Helbig
daily 12 pm till 12 am, Location: Ohne Ende, Shop Window, Dieffenbachstrasse 36, 10967 Berlin
15 John Kleckner
Never Take Advantage Of Anyone
John is a SWM; a Sagittarius who enjoys drawing, reading, being quiet & alone. Seeking MILF for discreet naughty fun. Meet me under the lamppost outside FBP. Location: Lamp post, in front of THE FORGOTTEN BAR, Boppstrasse 5, 10967 Berlin
16 Arno Auer
Four works on Erich Hauser’s sculptures 1/65, 5/8, 17/87, 2/92 capturing the beauty of light in public space. daily 12 pm till 6 pm, Location: Imren Grill, right of entrance, Boppstrasse 10,10967 Berlin
17 Isa Melsheimer
Mon - Fri 10 am till 6 pm Sat 10 am till 2 pm, Location: Shop Window, Glaserei Meyer, Graefestrasse 12, 10967 Berlin
18 Antoine Renard
The Jewel
A dressed broken bike, locked in a street of Berlin. Something like memory, something forgotten. Location: Bicycle on the right side in loading entrance, Gräfestrasse 91, (between 90 and 92), 10967 Berlin
19 Eoin Donnelly
Golden Morning Plague
A collage fly posted - like everything else its a negotiation between pattern and mush / coagulate and plasma. there as long as good will and good weather allows. Unique multiple. Mon - Sun 11 am till 8 pm, Location: Backyard close to fountain, Bethesda Stift, Dieffenbachstrasse 39, 19967 Berlin
20 Trine Borg-Kristensen
A single shot observation of water running in a sink. Looking through the running water, the darkness of the hole behind (the hole that stops the water overflowing) concentrates within the running water and forms a narrow strip of black. An attempt to visualize the passing of time or rather time that is lost, like a black hole encapsuled by a ‚running‘ universe. daily 12 pm till 6 pm, Location: Shop Window, Klemz GmbH Gas - Wasser - Bauklempnerei, Bürknerstraße 15, 12047 Berlin
21 Trevor Lloyd
Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay
The image of the dog has become the embodiment of an amputated persona as a romantic artist. Self-discipline, restraint, and personal integrity act as fundamental principles in a methodology created to train this „domesticated“ artistic self. The work is approached as a stern father approaches an overly-spirited puppy, each work patiently focusing on a moment of internal transformation. daily 12 am till 8 pm, Location: Hundesalon Exquisit, Shop Window, Maybachufer 3, 12047 Berlin
22 Kimberly Clark
Sherry Arnett
As do most beautiful women, Sherry enhances her surroundings. She makes a baby grand look grander; and on our opening spread, she lends intrigue to The St. Louis Art Museum. I liked the fantasy that I was a fabulously wealthy art collector who donated a few pieces to the museum, then savored the rest of my private collection at home. Location: Back of Prisma Pavillion, Kohlfurter Strasse / Kottbusser Strasse, 10999 Berlin
23 Lado Darakvhelidze
Museum TV Station
Based on extensive research about visual artists disclosing controversial and politically charged information. Using raw material from his recent publication „Museum TV Station Guide,“ he has prepared an installation which introduces critical forms of media coverage in the context of a classroom for legal and illegal immigrants at the Kurdistan e.V. Mon - Fri 12.30 pm till 8 pm, Location: Kurdistan Kultur- und Hilfsverein e.V., Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44 a, 10999 Berlin
24 Pola Sieverding
I Like Revolutions
You can think of sampling as a story you are telling yourself - one made of the world as you can hear it, and the theatre of sounds that you invoke with those fragments is all one story made up of many. (...) Today, when we browse and search, we invoke a series of chance operations - we use interfaces, icons, and text as a flexible set of languages and tools. Our semantic web is a remix of all available information - display elements, metadata, services, images, and especially content - made immediately accessible. (Paul Miller, aka DJ Spooky).
Mon - Fri 10 am till 6 pm Sat 10 am till 2 pm, Location: Argument Verlaggesellschaft, Reichenberger Straße 150, 10999 Berlin
25 Klaus Mettig
Tien an men 1978
Mon - Fri 10 am till 6 pm Sat 10 am till 2 pm, Location: Argument Verlaggesellschaft, Reichenberger Straße 150, 10999 Berlin
26 Olaf Metzel
Mon - Fri 10 am till 6 pm Sat 10 am till 2 pm, Location: Argument Verlaggesellschaft, Reichenberger Straße 150, 10999 Berlin
27 Ingo Gerken
For The Free
At least every day a new statement. From the street, for the street. a gift, a takeaway, a sign. Take it or leave it. daily / always / again and again, Location: in front of door, Skalitzer Strasse 133, 10997 Berlin
28 Thomas Julier / Emanuel Rossetti
Tbilisi Pattern I
Tbilisi Pattern I was originally designed as a wallpaper for a group show in a parking lot in Tbilisi. It was shown again in Glasgow. Now it‘s Berlin. Location: Wall close to stairs, Skalitzer Strasse / Mariannenstrasse, 10997 Berlin
29 Julia Abstädt / Ulrich Wulff
Wishing Well
Funny how the Firemen in this fountain look like they are taken from a modern oil painting! I like jokes like that! Every day now another good old German joke is hidden in the tip of one of their hoses. Location: Fountain in the center of Mariannenplatz, Mariannenstraße / Waldemarstraße, 10999 Berlin
30 Julia Abstädt / Ulrich Wulff
Sculpturegarden Jenseits
The famous Café Jenseits was recently closed after over 20 years due to a massive rent increase. It used to be a place for good and cheap coffee and beer, and where intellectuals of the Kiez met up on a daily basis. The sculptors Julia Abstädt and Ulrich Wulff used to meet there often. They now try to interfere gently with the space outside the Café by putting what they used to talk about inside on the wooden fence in front of it. Take it! Location: Construction site in front of Café Jenseits, Oranienstrassse 15, 10999 Berlin
31 Cecile B. Evans
Believe We‘ve Never Met Before
Three individuals whom have neither met nor seen one another in different intimate arrangements. Directed in small increments, they and the audience witness their first encounters. What results is a narrative that does not exist - a fiction built on a reality made of absolutely nothing. daily 12 pm till 12 am, Location: Petrasek Bilderrahmung, Shop Window, Oranienstraße 171, 10999 Berlin
32 Marcus Weber
A&O Strassen
Cappuccino-to-go and turkish headscarfs, bottlehunters, tourists, hipsters, O2 can do, Boyz n the Hood, caps, tags and LIDL plastic bags… Posted directly on the wall outside the artists studio. Location: Entrance / right side, on the wall, Adalberstrasse 10, 10997 Berlin
33 Madeleine Boschan / Daniel Kannenberg
Un Chien Adalbert
Watchdog Adalbert, a french bulldog, guards the spätkauf´s wine bottles while sleeping in an illuminated science-fiction doghouse. Eyes wide shut and openend. daily 10.00 am to 0.00 am, Location: USTA GETRÄNKE, Adalbertstr. 86, 10997 Berlin
34 Stephan Mörsch
The Jungle Mosque / Calais France
Jungle was the name of a makeshift camp set up by Afghan refugees near the French port of Calais. Until the French authorities closed the camp in October 2009, it was home to several hundred Afghans hoping to cross to Britain. While surviving under leaky plastic sheeting, they set up a mosque in the center of their camp. Wed - Sun 12 pm till 6 pm, Location: Kreuzberg Museum für Stadtentwicklung und Sozialgeschichte, 2. Floor, Adalbertstr. 95 A, 10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg
35 Rainer Ganahl
I hate Karl Marx
In the year 2045, Karl Marx will be reincarnated as a Chinese man. He controls the world. The entire world is Chinese, speaks Chinese, dresses and eats Chinese. Marx‘s spectre haunting the world could not be stopped by any capitalist alliance. The young German lady speaking and screaming entirely in Chinese is suffering a melt down in front of a Marx bust on Karl Marx Allee, expressing her discontent and opposition. Wed - Sun 12 pm till 6 pm, Location: Kreuzberg Museum für Stadtentwicklung und Sozialgeschichte, 2nd Floor, Adalbertstrasse 95 A, 10999 Berlin
36 Malte Urbschat
The Sheriff-Project
An assemblage on the left wall under the ceiling above the copy machines which exhibits the artist‘s contention with non-lethal weapons and conspiracy theories. Trigger Copy in Kreuzberg is a highly frequented shop where clients leave messages and communicate their concerns on the walls like a pinboard. daily 12 pm till 12 am, Location: Trigger Copy, Adalbertstraße 7, 10999 Berlin
37 Arfus Greenwood
the dog is a wolf and that bitch is dope
A reinvention of the State executed broadside--street posters--to lead the uninformed populous into a new world where eugenics, ethnic, and cultural assimilation is the resolve. Mon thru Thu 11 am till 7 pm, Fri 11.00 am till 5.00 pm, Location: Wall, 2nd Floor (after June 25 2010 outside on construction wall), Public Library, Adalbertstr. 2, 10999 Berlin
38 Tobias Madison
LASERBLUE / Black & White Photography / California Citrus Summer MAYDAY / YES I CAN ! / UNTITLED / My Private Jet NL B59, 2009. Riven: The Sequel to Myst / HAW – LIN® / untitled 223 / Dubai 2012. Location: Wall, 2nd Floor (after June 25 2010 outside on construction wall), Public Library, Adalbertstr. 2, 10999 Berlin
39 Christoph Schlingensief / Anna-Catharina Gebbers
10 Animal Films
Ten short films with animals by Christoph Schlingensief compiled by Anna-Catharina Gebbers. Mon - Fri 10 am till 6 pm Sat 10 am till 2 pm, Location: Aquarien Meyer, Skalitzer Str. 6, 10999 Berlin
40 Raul Walch
Corner Bar
At the heart crossing of Kreuzberg 36, the corner of Adalbert- and Oranienstraße, Raul and his friends open their traditional improvised bar at a Junction Box. You can choose from a variety of refreshing drinks from the Kiosk behind the bar. Open any day with good weather at dusk. Location: Junction Box, Corner of Oranienstr. / Adalbertstr., 10997 Berlin
41 Dominik Halmer
Man of Sorrows
In-between the daily pizza business, the Man of Sorrows is staring at you. He has become part of the furniture of Piccola Romantica. He is about to dissolve. daily 12 pm till 01.00 am, Location: Pizzeria Piccola Romantica, Oranienstr. 33, 10999 Berlin
42 Dionisis Kavallieratos
Double Nazi
Realising, the stupidity of other people is double or triple than mine,doesn‘t make me feel superior or good.The oposite: I feel inferior and evil. Location: Junction Box, Corner of Oranienstrasse / Adalbertstraße, 10997 Berlin
43 Raul Walch
First and Only Kreuzberg Hinterhof Fountain
The backyard – widely regarded as the equivalent to the Hackesche Hoefe in Mitte – will be presenting the highest Fountain Kreuzberg has seen so far. daily 12 pm till 6 pm, Location: Backyard, Oranienstrasse 33, 10997 Berlin
44 Sara Lunden
Vielen Dank
daily 12 pm till 6 pm, Location: Backyard, Oranienstrasse 33, 10997 Berlin