Conversation with Mariechen Danz and Ulf Aminde at their Studio.
Berliner Vereinigung der Verfolgten des Naziregimes - Bund der Antifaschistinnen und Antifaschisten e. V
Jugend im Widerstand
June 10 2010 6 pm
Location: Kreuzberg Museum für Stadtentwicklung und Sozialgeschichte, 2nd Floor, Adalbertstrasse 95 A, 10999 Berlin

Paul Sochacki
Integrational Aesthetics
A metacultural training for foreign artists and curators working in Berlin. With the help of language and etiquette classes, the participants acquire incentives to develop themselves within their new environment. Kurdistan e.V. facilitates the integration of immigrants into Berlin‘s social scene.
Mo thru Fr 12.30 pm till 8.00 pm
June 10 2010, 7.00 pm
Integrational Training
June 12, 20 2010 July 11, 31 2010 4.00 pm till 6.00 pm
Metacultural Bodyworkout
July 25 2010, 4.00 pm till 6.00 pm
Location: Kurdistan Kultur- und Hilfsverein e.V., Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44 a, 10999 Berlin

Nevin Aladag
Hochparterre / Raised Ground Floor
A collage of statements from residents of the Naunynstrasse in Kreuzberg.The sound bites of the different local characters are united and presented as a documentary selection of this multi-faceted neighbourhood.
June 10 2010 8.00 pm / 8.30 pm
June 9 8.00 pm till 9.45 pm
June 10 8.45 pm till 9.45 pm
June 11 8.00 pm till 9.45 pm
Location: Ballhaus Naunynstrasse 27, (in rear courtyard), 10997 Berlin

Dionisis Kavallieratos Sifis Lykakis
Three Movies
June 12 2010 9.00 pm, Tooveetheeoo Lai Lai, Tik, Artistique.
Location: THE FORGOTTEN BAR, Boppstrasse 5, 10967 Berlin

Christopher Kline
Snakebraid Fountain Tomb Performance
June 20 2010 9.00 pm, Christopher Kline (known from the group Wooden Veil) is incorporating sound rituals and actions into a hermetic world of clothing, food and shelter. Featuring the Tethered Spirits of Francesco Cavaliere, Jan Pfeiffer and Dominik Noè, death masks, water drums and dirges composed on orphaned instruments.
Location: Urbanstrasse Brunnen / Fountain, Fichestrasse corner Urban Strasse, 10967 Berlin

Cecila Szalkowicz, Gastón Pérsico, Hella Gerlach, Roman Schramm
REUNIÓN - Interior al aire libre
Sitting in the park as in a comfortable room: like being at home with friends - belleza, felicidad, a temporary carpet and seasonal ikebanas, the oracle, fruits and aperitives, about wolves and the wind in almagro, papers and pictures, bueno, un poquito and listo.
June 15 2010 6.00 pm till 9.00 pm
Location: Urbahnhafen, in front of Vivantes Hospital, Riverside

Martin Kwade
Dinner in the Backyard
Polish and Czech food and drinks.
June 26 7.00 pm till late
Location: Martin Kwade, Adalbertstr. 20, 10997 Berlin

Elshopo collective
June 26 2010 9.00 pm till 12.00 pm
Print-food: silk-screen on pancakes with food ink (chocolate, strawberry syrup, caramel...).
Print-Food enables the public to instantly swallow the ephemeral image.
Location: Living room of the directors appartment behind PMgalerie, Selchower strasse 12, 12049 Berlin

Tobias Bernstrup
Performance Videos
June 28 2010 9.00 pm
A.S.F.R., Shanghai Cosplay, Killing Spree, Neon Love.
Location: THE FORGOTTEN BAR, c/o BEER, Admiralstrasse 17a / 2,Hof, 10999 Berlin

Salam Berlin by Judith Albrecht
June 29 2010 9 pm till 11 pm
Location: THE FORGOTTEN BAR, Boppstrasse 5, 10967 Berlin

Tjorg Douglas Beer
What was first? The egg or the hen?
July 1 2010 9 pm
Location: Studio Tjorg Douglas Beer, Admiralstrasse 17a / 2nd Yard, 10999 Berlin

Silva Agostini, Mariechen Danz, Ulf Aminde, Alicja Kwade
Screening Conversation Dinner
July 2 2010
Film screening by Silva Agostini
8 pm till 11 pm
Conversation with Mariechen Danz and Ulf Aminde
8.30 pm till 9.30 pm
Dinner with Alicja Kwade
9.30 pm
Location: Studios Silva Agostini, Mariechen Danz, 1st Yard 1st Floor, Studio Alicja Kwade, 2nd Yard Ground Floor, Paul-Lincke Ufer 41, 10999 Berlin

Marc Le Blanc / James Krone
Bachus Apotheke
July 3 2010 9.00 pm till late. Mark Le Blanc and James Krone are roasting a goat and many animals.
Location: Landwehrkanal, opposite of Urban Hospital

Malte Urbschat
The Sheriff-Project and other non-lethal weapons
July 4 2010
Screening 9 pm
Location: Wrangelstrasse 106,10997 Berlin

IEPE & Helmut Kuhn
Painting Reality and Chess-Boxing
July 9 2010, Lecture in the Sandbox, 9.00 pm, in front of THE FORGOTTEN BAR
Film Screening, 10.00 pm, THE FORGOTTEN BAR.
Location: Sandbox on the playground in front of THE FORGOTTEN BAR, Boppstrasse 5, 10967 Berlin

Thomas Winkler/Ulrich Wulff/Raul Walch/Dj Ute:Micky Maus Club
For years now the Micky Maus Club run by fellow artists Thomas Winkler and Ulrich Wulff travels the world for the sake of intimate and honest partying. Check dates on
Location: Backyard, Oranienstrasse 33, 10997 Berlin

Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel Julien Quentin
Piano Piano Bar Night Surrounded By Artworks