In 2012 the Berlin Kreuzberg Biennale is in exile.
The idea of a Greek Pavillon has been developed in collaboration with greek artists, curators and others.
A series of exhibitions features a perspective from inside the greek reality under the influence of a european crisis.

Politicians are trying to "calm markets" that only have the purpose to generate profit. As if financial speculation was a human being needing a therapist. The inability of politicians to regulate a sick global financial reality has turned the situation in Europe especially southern Europe into an ongoing state of emergency.
Daily existential insecurity leads to a worsening situation politically, socially and personally. Nationalism and extremism are growing to a seriously worrying level.

The aim of this years edition is to draw some attention to the serious situation in Greece aswell as to give an inside view of it to the people abroad.

The exhibition is being shown at Open Museum / Hamburger Kunsthalle / Galerie der Gegenwart and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.