NEAR-FAR by Artemis Baltoyanni
Arkadiko bridge built about 1300 BC. near Epidauros, Greece.
Some of the stone work has been attributed to the cyclops.
Evangelos Kaimakis, Nikos Katsaounis / Nina Maria Paschalidou, Panos Tsagaris

The near-far problem in wireless communication systems is a condition in which a receiver captures a strong signal and thereby makes it impossible for the receiver to detect a weaker signal.

On Greece:
From a distance fiction merges with reality leading to an inevitable sacrifice of quotidian truths to a higher tragedy. An emission of violence and failure has overpowered the everyday as it has overpowered history.
The works presented in near-far were created within and without the crisis.
Feeding off traditional means of capturing history, near-far presents a personalized historicity as experienced by four young Greeks, half of whom live in Greece and the other half abroad. The works touch on aspects of media sensationalism, a prevailing folkish escapism, and spirituality intertwined with tradition both as a social construct and a pragmatic healing device.

Near-far explores the relationship between the private and the public, the specific and the general in experiencing national identity and history.

Artemis Baltoyanni works as director at the gallery Venus Over Manhattan in New York City. She has collaborated with artists, curators and galleries in New York City and Athens including Peter Coffin, Journal Gallery at ReMap 3, Athens and Paul McCabe at Van de Weghe Fine Art, New York City.
Evangelos Kaimakis is an artist and designer based in Athens, Greece. He is one of the core founders of the ‘E.D.W.’ workshop, an innovative art and design incubation studio based in Athens.

Panos Tsagaris is a Greek artist that lives and works in New York city. Through his work Tsagaris aims to express the emanation of the "Divine" as It is reflected through the beauty and poetry of the everyday, in order to bring himself and the viewer closer to a state of Catharsis. Panos Tsagaris` artwork has been exhibited among other places at the Belvedere Museum in Vienna, The Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig, The Assab-One Foundation in Milan as well as at the 2nd Biennial of Thessaloniki.

Evangelos Kaimakis is an artist and designer based in Athens, Greece. With a backround in engineering, his work incorporates personal fantasies with carefully crafted, technological curiosities. Evangelos is also one of the core founders of the 'E.D.W.' workshop, an innovative art and design incubation studio based in Athens.

Nikos Katsaounis is a filmmaker and producer who lives and works in New York City. He has been awarded in various occasions for his documentary work, most notably as a member of the NBC team that received an Emmy in 2004. Nina-Maria Paschalidou is a filmmaker, journalist, and producer with extensive experience on documentaries focused on social strife, war and forgotten populations. The Prism GR2011 is their latest experiment in collective documentary filmmaking, combining the latest technology and techniques to document Greece during this critical time in its history, creating a cross platform documentary online
Krisis compiles different viewpoints, exploring the different dimensions of the afflicted nation, the characters are diverse and range from rebelling youth groups, to young Greek entrepreneurs, to a young couple abandoning city‐life for something simpler on an island, to the troubled journey of immigrants as they attempt to reach Europe. “Krisis” portrays the crisis, through a “judgment day” for the Greek citizens, a day that they will either decide to act and change, or struggle in despair and anger.